Integrating UM with IBM CICS


A customer wants send message from IBM CICS to UM and receive messages IBM CICS into UM. I’m sorry but that is all the information I have.

Has someone any experience about this topic? Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advanced.


Isn’t it the same direction?

The first thing that comes into my mind is: you could connect to CICS via MQ and have an IS in the middle which would get messages from MQ and put them into UM. This might be a much oversized solution. But if you already have all the named components the solution could be easily implemented.


Yes, you’re right. It’s a mistake. I wanted to say “send messages from UM to IBM CICS and receive messages from IBM CICS into UM”.

I’m not totally sure but I think that the customer doesn’t want to use MQ. Could be it possible some kind of JMS based solution?

UM by itself does not send or receive anything. There must be some piece of active software that does this. It can be an IS but it also can be a custom Java program. CICS can be integrated in many ways as well. Without further details I can’t add anything.

I agree with fml2 and there should be some provider in the middle it can be MQ and so the flow is IBM CICS<–>MQ/Adapter< → IS/JNDI<–>UM and viceversa.