Integartion server


We use 6.5 Integration server. Yesterday while checking some thing in ports from IS–>Ports. One of the active Port got disabled and the server went down immediately. SO I stopped and started the server but still IS is not up:(. While restarting I can see the following errors:

Access to DiagonosticHTTPListener @9999 from host denied.
HTTP Access denied. Connection disallowed.

So understood the active port 9999 got disabled. When I check for port.cnf file from server, I can see one of the parameter has exclude(I hope this indicates the port is disabled). SO I can change this to include and restart the server again. Will it resolve my issue or should I check some things as well along with this!

Can you share the complete error log…

Also in port.cnf see the parameter for the primary port.

please check server.cnf and WmRoot/config/listeners.cnf too.

the main ports (= listeners) are listed there.


My suggestion is to start webMethods using different port from command line

Access IS admin by new port
Enable you port
Access with old port

Thanks everyone for your suggestion.

Issue got resolved as per Holger’s reply I have checked the listeners configuration file where I came to know the main port was disabled so enabled it and restarted the server which worked!

Iam new to webMethods. Have downloaded a Trial version of IS 9.6. Wanted to use Webbroker 9.6.
Couldn’t find a way to start Webbroker. Is it being started as part of the IS. noticed that broker folder on my installation is empty. Is that not included on Trial software.

Any pointers is greatly appreciated,



webMethods 9.6 free trial does not include webMethods broker. You have to purchase the license for the broker. Contact SAG sales rep.

The free image you downloaded does not contain the broker component. You may have to contact the SAG sales team to purchase the license. But you can still do a local publish and subscribe using your IS.