webMethods Integration Server 6.1

Hi All - new to this forum and would appreciate some assistance.

I have inherited a solution which contains “webMethods Integration Server 6.1” as an element. We seem to have an issue starting the service since the latest round of MS patches were applied to the server. Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds?

All the best!

Have you seen the logs…what is the specific error you are getting???

Are there specific webMethods logs?

All the windows system log gives me is :

“The webMethods Integration Server 6.1 service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s).”

There are webMethods specific logs in the below path


I think this is where the application is installed:


(.exe location is : D:\EnterpriseOne\wsg\IntegrationServer\bin\ISNTSvc.exe)

Unfortunatley the the newest log is dated 13/04 - the last time it was used…


so, look into the D:\EnterpriseOne\wsg\IntegrationServer\logs\ folder and see what’s the error in server.log or error.log
Without error, no one can help

I have finally managed to make it throw some logs today - these are now attached. I have also included the previous set of logs (4th Maty) which is the last time this has worked correctly.

Thanks for you help so far…
txout20130516.zip (50 KB)

I should add that this seems to have been generated by using

server.bat -debug 5 -log none

command line syntax as apposed to starting the service itself.

I can connect to developer on this node which is odd.

-log none
from your command, so you can see the server log.
I guess the server actually loaded, at least partly.

I guess you are right LOCKFILE is created. Log attached.

Cheers :smiley:
error20130516.log (39.7 KB)
server20130516.log (197 KB)

I think your broker is not running:

2013-05-16 17:36:38 BST [ISS.0099.0003E] Unable to create Broker Transport Exception com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.EndpointUnavailableException: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Comm Failure (102-2050): Unable to open connection to host ‘localhost’. Error ‘java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect’ was reported by the socket call.

2013-05-16 17:36:38 BST [LGU.0001.0003C] Error creating broker admin client:
2013-05-16 17:36:38 BST [ADA.7180.0004D] Custom Classpath entries are:

try to bring up the broker (search services list for broker)

Ok - would that be a windows service? nothing obvious in the service’s snap in.
Sorry for being clueless with this one…

unable to connect to admin console either: http://localhost:5555 - using administrator credentials
although can connect to developer

yes, windows service.
older version called
webMethods broker …
Softwareag broker …

even older
Activeworks ?? borker or something like that

nothing at all with broker in the name. the only webMethods service is the IntegrationServer 6.1

what do you get with

if it’s not login error, try:

I lied - I hadnt appreciated username was case sensitive. I can login to the landing page. Not sure what i’m looking for though…

The error indicates the broker is on “localhost”
Try to find Broker dir next to your IS dir.
see if you can find any log for broker

Is it possible that broker was running command line, not service?

its possible but unlikely … i dont know how it would of started following patching etc…
screen shot attached - nothing obvious

one step back, do you even use broker?

from the first a few lines in your log, services are working fine.
This may be all you need.
Check the other systems that are connecting/interacting with your WM instance, see any issue.