webMethods Integration Server 6.1

thats a very good question - excuse the ignornace but in this instance I dont know what broker is!
I cant test really as the interested user has gone for the day.

Is it possible the server is running without issues - just not via the windows service. Would it matter the windows service is not started?

if you start it with command line, just keep it running this way now.
Once verified working. try Windows service option later.
Good luck

Thanks for you help - before I let this very helpful person go, is there any way to verify via the admin webpage that all is as it should be?

It’s really depends on what services you are using on your system.
There is no single place that will tell you “everything is working or not”
You can login to admin, so the server is running.
Besides that, check server log for any event/errors.

Thanks for all your help guys. Looks like command line start of the server got us out of the mud. Will look into the service start failure in due course

Is your problem get resolved.