Broker Server Issue

Hi All,

I have installed webMethods7 on our Linux server, when I try to configure/add broker server it is throwing below error, Please suggest.

Error class java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException COM/activesw/api/client/BrokerLicense

is the license for this broker server up to date?


The Issue has been resolved?

Hi Everyone, I thought I would make my first post somewhat simple, so here goes:

The following occurred after a simple shutdown of the Integration Server when I was attempting to install the wmDeployer Module package.

I keep getting the following error and have looked through the log files within brokermon. I keep being told that the Broker is already started but I can’t connect an interface to it and have found the following error in the broker.alert log file:

Oct 31 14:40:03 Integration_Server_host awbrokermon: #1023 Cannot bind main socket to port 6850: Address already in use – Another Broker Server may be running already. – [Exiting]

The following is the Error I receive when attempting to access from web portal:

An error occurred while loading https://Integration_Server_Host:5555:

Could not connect to host Integration_Server_Host (port 5555).

or any other port for that matter.

I was also able to pull the following alert from the log file /var/log/broker.alert
Oct 31 14:40:03 Integration_Server_host awbrokermon: #1265 Error: Broker Monitor cannot open the internal log file “/var/opt/webmethods/logmsgs.mon”: Permission denied Internal logging is disabled.

I attempted to find a log lock file but was not able to locate one or just don’t know where it would be put if it was created.

I manually restarted the broker with no luck in establishing a valid connection.

Any Ideas where to go to next? I’ve already followed the steps in Advanced Troubleshooting Guide, as well as the IS and Broker configuration manuals.

NOTE: I became concerned when I couldn’t restart the Integration Server after the shutdown prior to installation of the wmDeployer Module package.

Anyone know where I can get the wmDeployer module from? How to install it? It’s not available as an installable package from the Manage page on the Integration server.