Installing webMethods Enterprise Adapters v411 on NT Error Type 3

Well, here is a nice tip for the crowd – webMethods Enterprise Adapters v4.1.1 cannot be installed on NT if the command-line command is over a certain number of characters. This is the Error Type 3.

So, when installing the Enteprise v.4.1.1 standard adapters for Enterprise Server, if you get the Error Type 3 dialog box, here is what to do:

  1. Get the directory name with the install file in it down to as few characters as possible. For example, the default file name is “”. This file extracts by default to the folder “411ga_ent-adapter-dom”. Change the folder name to “a”.

  2. Move the folder to your root directory. The path to the executable should now be “C:\a\setup.exe”.

  3. Run the executable. You will not get the Error Type 3 dialog box.

I will detail some other steps to take when upgrading to Enterprise Server 5.0 in a future post.


thanks for your post, what about windowsxp(pentium4)?

Hi, SKK.

I have not tested this is XP, but I assume that a similar condition would exist. Microsoft may have made updates to their OS, but you never know.

If you test this one, let us all know what you find. Thanks.


The trick works in XP also…i just now installed by following the steps and it works.

My environment is XP, Intel Centrino.

Thanks a lot guys.