Installation & Setup

Dear all:

I am a student in Taiwan, when I create a database in Tamino, I got a
message “XML initialization:no license for Traditional Chinese tokenizer”
How can I solve this problem?

Thank for your help.


you can solve the problem only by obtaining a new license file.
Are you using an XML starter kit or did you buy the software?



Dear Harald:

Thank for your reply!!

I use XML starter kit,but where can I obtain a new license file and should I reinstall Tamino.

The usage of the different Language Tokenizer e.g. for Traditional Chinese is not supported within the XML Starter Kit.
This is because these additional Tokenizer will need a third party software.
So a new license file for the Kit or a reinstall will not help.
If you like to work with Tamino, you need to apply for a full Tamino Test Version.
Please contact Mr. Hock Lye Ooi form our office in this Software AG region under e-mail:
and ask him to get in contact with you to discuss the idea to receive such a full Tamino Test Version.


Thank you for your kindness, I really appreciate and it is a great help for me.