Request info from users of Tamino

I just ran into this web site. I have not ordered free xml starter kit. that 's why I would like to get information about this product before ordering it. This question is for people whose native language is not english and dont use this kit in english. Is it easy to use it in a foreign language? anybody have a live web site using this kit? if it is not spam could i get the url for it? I have looked for the price but could not find anything about it. any idea? i have not had the domain name for the site, i am going to create, should i wait to order until i get the domain name and the server?


I doubt it will be easily possible to use the XML starter kit for users who don’t understand english.

The start kit contains Tamino XML-Database, XBridge and XStudio as 90 days evaluation plus a tutorial how to use them. The tutorial guides you to a complete application: RealEstate, a house/flat marketplace with HTML and WAP frontends and a B2B connection.

Both the tutorial and the product documentation are english only.