Installation of Tamino 4.1.4 and uninstall of previous versi

I have just installed Tamino 4.1.4 on win 2000 with IIS 5. Afterwards I have uninstalled version and As with previous installations this gave me a problem with the IIS integration. After installation I can?t connect to the database thru the URL. In previous versions I just uninstalled the X-port and installed it again (modiis.dll is installed in IIS) and it worked. When I try the same trick with it doesn?t work. I use the setup and Modify selection to uninstall X-port - IIS. I reboot the server and use setup and Modify again to install X-port ? IIS. But it doesn?t work.
I then manually copied C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\X_Port\modiis.dll to the IIS and installed it, and that seems to work.

I am, however, a little nervous to do the same trick on the production server (if more is needed). Is there a solution to this?

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