Installation of Mediator and Gateways on the same machine

I tried to install Mediator (7.3.1) and Gateways (7.2.2) on the same machine with a shared JBoss.

When i install gateways after Mediator, first the install warn about JBoss existing files (conf) and if i should overwrite or not. If I overwrite, then the start of JBoss returns errors. If I don’t (the default), then I can’t run the WS Wizard because I can’t logon : JBoss says it cannot open

Any help ?

Hi Jeff,

I have seen this before. I believe it has to do with Mediator intalling JBoss as read only which prevents the Gateways from updating important files. I would suggest de-installing the Gateways and then removing the read only flag from all JBoss files before attempting a re-install of the Gateways.

I hope that helps,

- Matthew G.

You were wright.

Thanks for the tip