Jakarta Slide User Administration

Hello all,

after Installation of Mediator 7.3, custom with all options, I had to provide account data for creating a WebDAV repository for the Mediator Studio. Unfortunately, the user/password combination: root/root did not work for me.

Interestingly, Jakarta Slide did a correct rollback after trying to use the data, but jBoss could not understand this and throwed an exception…
Slide_Exception.txt (8 KB)

Hello Frank,

I have seen this before a number of times. It is probably due to the JBoss being installed as read only. There are a couple important files which are for that reason not copied to the installation.
You can find the files which should have been copied to JBoss in a directory located in /Program Files/Software AG/EntireX XML Mediator 7.3/jboss/extra. Before you attempt to copy them to JBoss you should remove the read only flag from its directory and underlying files.
Once that is done, you can copy the Domain.xml file located in the extra/bin directory and the login-config.xml file located in the extra/server/default/conf directory to the corresponding directories in JBoss.
This will complete the security configuration for Slide so that you can login without any further difficulties. :slight_smile:

- Matthew G.