EntireX Mediator - after losing netwok connection file locke

hi !

i created a sequence within entirex xml mediator studio, when my network connection got lost an i had to reboot my pc.

after this i wanted to continue editing of the sequence.

i got the message:
TestSequence.xml" is locked.
Any changes must be saved under another name.

How can i remove the lock from this file ?
It is contained within a WebDav Repository.
(Standard EntireX Mediator Setup, running on Windows 2000)


If you are using the slide application installed with the JBoss installation delivered with the Mediator you should be able to administer the locks using the slide-admin application. The security setup is the same as for the connection from the Studio. The required URL is http://localhost:port/slide-admin

I hope that helps,

- Matthew G.


thx for your fast response.
i tried this and it worked !