Co existing of Mediator 7.3 and XML Gateway 7.2

Hi all,

I notice that for Mediator 7.3, the mediator.war component is now deploy directly on JBOSS Appl Server instead of the Tomcat component under JBOSS Appl Server.

However most of the documentation for XML Gateway 7.2 is still refering to the old architecture for Mediator

This is both confusing for users as well as deployment of newer version for JBOSS.

Can XML Gateway and Mediator 7.3 both be deployed in the same machine under port 8080 ?

Or does it strictly must be listening at different port ?


There are a couple co-existance problems between Gateways and Mediator in JBoss 3.2 which have been solved in the XML Gateways version 7.2.2. With this version of the XML Gateways you can deploy both products in JBoss on port 8080 or any other port you choose to run on. There are ways to get version 7.2.1.X running on the same JBoss with Mediator but it involves applying the correction EFA72105 which is available through ServLine24.

- Matthew G.