install TNS Fix

Hi all,

To install TNS Fix 19,what r all the needs to check and what r all the dependencies available.

Thanks in advance.

Check in empower (Product Fixes section) to look into the Readme. The below link shows the latest readme of 8.2.2 version that is Fix5. I think you are looking for older one.

Moreover, when you use SUM to install fix, it will show if there is any dependancy with some other fixes.


Thanks Senthil for giving the information. Actually we r using webMethods 7.1.3(TN).So we r plan to install the TNS fix 19. can i know the difference b/w TNS fix 19 and Fix 5…I am new for the fixes installations.

The link that I have sent you is for the latest version of TNS which is not the one you are looking for. As I said before, login to empower site, go to product fixes section, fix explorer and choose the appropriate product and version (Trading Network Server/7.1.3). This will list the latest version of Fix that is available for 7.1.3 v. Just in case, if you see Fix 21 (for eg), this is the latest fix that is available and its a cumulative fix that includes fix 19 as well.


If you still want the specific fix only then contact the SAG support and request for that standalone fix unless you don’t want to go with cumulative fix.