Install problem, Win2K Server

I’m having trouble installing Tamino on a Windows 2000 Server. Having read all the installation readme’s etc, and not found a solution, I’m coming here for help.

The message I get when I run the installer is along the lines of ‘some files are locked, you must reboot and run Tamino setup again.’ So I reboot, run setup again, again get the same message. This is an infinite loop.

I don’t have anything unusual running on startup, so I don’t think it is caused by anything else I have installed. The only thing possibly out of the ordinary is that the machine is a domain controller.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?



I had similiar problems when installing on a backup domain controller. Sadly so, the only remedy in my case was to either downgrade the machine to an ordinary workstation or use another PC to install on.

Best regards, Andreas

Ok, looks like I need to use a different machine then.

Many thanks for the help.

Try stopping any non essentail services and
maybe some essential ones too. If you find
the right one the install should proceed.

I would try the ‘server’ service first.
Just a hunch…


I’ve got the same problem and the problem is due to Software AG use of the old install package. It will check if the system has any ‘unfinished’ business before allowing to install.

I’ll guess you will encounter the same problem with other vendors using this install program.

Here’s how I solved it.

Open the registry but invoking regedit in the ‘run’ menu.

Before taking the actions below remeber to export the registry or parts of it. Just in case…

Locate the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
Delete any PendingFileRenameOperations values in this key. Or delete the entry completely

You may also need to check for and remove pending file rename operations in the following registry keys:



NOTE : If the problem is still not resolved, check for the existence of old installation files in your TEMP or TMP folders, check for the existence of a folder named “$!$!$!$!” in the root folder, or try emptying the Temporary Internet Files folder.
To Delete Temporary Files

Antivirus and printer drivers can also cause the problem (Lexmark have been a problem). You can solve this by temporarily disabling antivirus and/or unstalling the printer drivers.

/Per Madsen

Thanks to Dave and Per for the additional responses. Just for the record, I tried all of these but still no luck. I will be trying tomorrow on a machine with an indentical configuration, except that it isn’t a domain controller. Will report back if this solves the problem.


===/ Ciaran /===

May be a bit late, but I had a similar problem.

The remedy was to stop the Install Shield Virusscan. The Virus scanner kept files in lock which confused the installation of tamino.