Install licenses without restart

Product/components used and version/fix level:

webMethods Integration platform (Integration Server, Univversal messaging, API gateway, Active Transfer Gateway)

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I have a question regarding the installation of licenses, it is mentioned In the SoftwareAG documentation that a restart is required when installing licenses for :

Universal messaging (file named “licence”) (documentation page 22)

Active transfer (licenseKey in WmMFT package) (documentation)

Is it possible to update licenses without restarting these products ?

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Arnaud SIMON

I don’t remember if Command Central requires restart as well. You can try updating license with CC. My intuition tells me it shouldn’t make any difference for UM. Universal Messaging checks the license on startup. I don’t remember any menu that can edit license details in Enterprise manager. Don’t know about Active Transfer but if it is written in documentation, it should be valid as long as you are referencing the same version of the document.

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Reload the configuration:

Look for a feature that allows you to refresh or reload the configuration parameters of the product without having to restart the server or service altogether. A product-provided management console, command-line interface, or API may make this available.

Restart each component separately:
If the product consists of several services or components, try to restart just the one or the part where the licensing modifications need to be applied. Compared to restarting the system entirely, this could save downtime.
Consider restarting just the particular component or service where the license adjustments need to take effect if the product is made up of several parts or services. By doing this instead of restarting the system entirely, downtime could be reduced.