Insight on webMethods architecture

Can anybody give me some insight on the architecture of webMethods? Just a newbie question. Where does the data that we get in xml format go? How are the inbound and outbound transactions handled. Sorry if these questions have been answered before but just was not able to find the correct details.

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Basically XML standard (document)when webMethods receives it parses as a IDATA object (Document Structure)where it will be treated as Name/Value pairs…for example:say xml document has <empname>Rob</> then EmpName will be Name and Rob will be the webMethods will parse the XML document and structures the IDATA format.
Then to process this data to internal/external applications you have to do mapping XML document to required target format (say flatfile or EDI or Canonical)business documents of any company…

Regarding Inbound/Outbound transactions are nothing but exchange of business documents like XML or EDI standards with tradingpartners/customers/buyer/suppliers/internal applications etc…many more to say…

Please go thru the basic webMethods documentation or search this forum if you need more basic information or architecture of WM.



Yemi Bedu

Introduction_to_Integration_with_webMethods_6.1.pdf is also good as it provides general overview of the various WM products.