need help on inbound and outbound processing in webMethods EDI

Hi All,

Just know very basics of EDI and understood ANSI 850/855 Transactions. Could anyone tell me how to do inbound and outbound processing in EDI. If anyone has any links which shows step by step process or any document then plz share the same.


yes you are in the right section.

Please use the keyword search of this EDI section and there tons of threads already discussed on the wM EDI and how it works bits and pieces of mapping,parsing services to use and route it to TN etc…

Did you review the webMethods EDI Module user guide from SAG site online?

Also there used to be WmEDISamples package,please search in this site or site and see if its still available in Shareware etc…


Thanks RMG for your guidelines. Will search and will post the doubts if any


Hi Ravi,

I can give some basic information for Inbound & Outbound processing

Inbound: Data is sent to our through Gateway Services->TN->Mapping->Send to internal systems

Outbound:Internal Systems sent data->Map to required format(EDI/EDIFACT)->TN->Delivery as defined.

Note: It’s not always same way, different clients have there standars in implementation. But above is common thing which can see with most of clients.

Refer EDI Module Concepts guide