Insert data in JDBC


  1. hw to insert batch data in JDBC such that data must be inserted only when the first query in sql is successfully executed and others must be executed?

  2. hw to configure JDBC?

  3. hw do u format flat files?

  4. whether the segments of EDI is fixed or variable?

        thanks in advance. Kindly help me. these question are faced by me in interview. 


[start rant]
If you’re facing these questions in an interview and you don’t know them yourself: don’t you think that the job will be a bit difficult for you to do? Perhaps the questions are out of your knowledge for a reason (i.e. because they want someone who can do them without problem)

I’m all for learning (hell… I used to do a lot of training and I come across new stuff I have to figure out all the time), but getting someone else to supply you answers is the same as lying on a resume or getting someone else to do your homework: it may work, but you could find yourself out of a job when they find out you don’t have a clue.

There are (already) enough people applying for certain IT jobs who have no real clue on how to use it competently without yet another one scraping into a job without knowing this stuff.
[end rant]

WebMethods training introductory course is a good base for learning this stuff: it’ll show you #2 (configure jdbc), you’ll then be able to go through adapter services which will then allow you to know the concepts to do #1,
a quick 5minute demo or pointing you at the right sample package (WmFlatFileSamples) from the trainer will let you do #3 (simple flat file) and in doing #1, #2 and #3 you’ll have learnt how to use the help PDFs and should be able to figure out #4 after doing #3 (as EDI is the flat file package). There’s also an e-learning course on flat files.

Failing that, you can always read the documentation (sometimes a good place to look): The JDBCAdapter’s user guide will tell you everything you need to know about the JDBC Adapter’s capabilities and using adapter services. WMFlatFile guide will talk about flat file concepts, although a good idea is to do lots of playing around with it to work out how it works.


Dear Nathan,
Thanks for ur suggestions do u think all the employees are real time, some need help from the experience people like u, if u tell i can know Remember that software people are always learners of new things. If u want to tell new things tell me. I am reading all the books. and need help from experience guys also



hw to configure JDBC?
It is configured using IS AdminConsole JDBCAdapter homepage,first we have to create JDBC Connections there you need to specify forexample OracleDB connection information,driver info,connection pool settings etc…

hw do u format flat files?
To interact with flatfile you should create flatfile dictionary/schema/documenttype to handle parsing of flatfile(inbound to WM)or to create flatfile (outbound from WM)using WmFlatFile Adapter in IS6.x

  1. whether the segments of EDI is fixed or variable?
    EDI segments are variable based but segment fields have fixed length to make sure data not exceeds when edi validation against schema.