INOXDE7935 - Could not retrieve the message code TAJCME0103

Hi all,
I am using the Tamino API4J ( and I manipulate xml document retrieved with an xquery (it returns the ino:id too). But when I want to do an update:

public int TaminoUpdate(String myxml)
conn = getConnection();
TLocalTransaction transaction = conn.useLocalTransactionMode();
TXMLObjectAccessor xmlObjectAccessor = conn.newXMLObjectAccessor(TAccessLocation.newInstance(collection), TDOMObjectModel.getInstance());
TXMLObject xmlObject = TXMLObject.newInstance(myxml);
TResponse response;
response = xmlObjectAccessor.update(xmlObject);
catch(TAccessorException accessorException)

it gives me back an error “INOXDE7935” - “Could not retrieve the message code TAJCME0103”.
The code INOXDE7935 is associated at the message “Schema not found” but the schema exist and I have no idea what could be the problem.
Thanks for your help!


You probably need TaminoAPI4J-l10N.jar in the classpath as well as the main API jar.

Hi Mark,
I have added jar you recommended. Now the error and its message are:

Database access failure (7935, INOXDE7935, Schema not found)

How can I do?
Very thanks for your help,


I suspect that this a schema related problem.

Have you done a search for 7935 in the forums?

I suspect that you would need to provide the schema + copies of the documents for someone to be able to identify the problem.

Hi Pam,

it like there is no schema available for the tuple consisting of collection name and QName of the XML document’s root element. Hence, you need to look at:

  • the value of collection
  • the content of myxml
  • the schema intended to be used