"INOXDE7861" Index out of range

I get this Error Mesage from time to time doing various updates and inserts. If I re-do the request it will work! The occurance of this error seems to be completely random and is not predicably recreatable but it happens frequently enough to cause problems.

“INOXDE7861” Index out of range

Can anyone shed some light on this for us? We are using Tamino XML server

Many thanks,
Jim McDowall

Hello Jim,

could you please post the schema being used, and a couple of examples of the updates/inserts?

If you could also give an overview of the scenario in which the updates/inserts are being done (such as: transactionality, single/multi threaded, how many users, how many updates per second, and so on) that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for the response. Of course since I sent this message, I have not received this error. When I do, I will capture and post the offending request and applicable schema info.