Traying to update the schema we get “
An error occurred while processing a schema document;INOXRE8841: Invalid mapping specification: invalid or unexpected primary key definition: Element name = Employee ”

TaminoSchemaEditor v4.1.1.1
PhoneBook4.TSD (3.15 KB)

The error I see is:

Define Tamino Schema (TSD)
started June 13, 2003 5:36:02 PM MDT
An error occurred while processing a schema document; ODBC error occurred: State: IM002Native Error: 0 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified <INOXDE7931,INOXME8505>
finished June 13, 2003 5:36:05 PM MDT

This error is on the Employee element

Checking the Employee element the ODBC datasource Northwind is defined

This ODBC Datasource needs to be defined on our system and as a System DSN.

Once this is done, you can then define your schema.