InoXCore, a Tamino XML/OOP API

Hi !
I built an API for tamino to simplify the Java development with Tamino XML Server.
Currently with version 1.4, stable, is a good tool to get some abstraction over XML, keeping the focus in the business logic over the XML mapped Objects.


  • Object Oriented Programming: documents are translated into objects, so any java developer can do the work without previous XQuery background.
  • Database Asbtraction: initially planned/implemented for Tamino is extensible to other dbases.
  • JSTL compatible: it means that you can access the whole XML in a JSP directly, with JSTL syntax.


  • Automatic generation: from Tamino DB to Java in few code lines.
  • Selec/delete/insert/update/count & custom queries.
  • Views among schemas.
  • Filtering, sorting, paging.
  • Transaction & Exception support.

The question is, would it be further developed/included as an Tamino API for Java ??
(I guess it would be useful for other developers)
I have some documentation, examples, demos, etc.