Tamino usage and architecture ?


I’ve been doing some thinking about Tmaino usage and architechture, and I think more and more of the architechtural idea of adding an “XML Abstraction layer” into the 3-tier model, and use XML as the output of the application layer, in order to be able to easily add different GUI interfaces.

Any suggestions / ideas ?

Jens Jakob

The Tamino Solution can be at different parts of your 3-tier architecture design.

1. Control. X-Bridge can match different funtionalities, like transcoding applications (html to wap) or simpliest xml to any format (html, wml, other xml, etc.)
2. View. Some docs likes XSL, Images, JS, etc. can be stored in Tamino for presentation purpose. Or store some XSP (eXtensive Server Pages) like Cocoon platform (see apache.org) dinamics pages to be procesed by the application server.


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I would prefer 2 layers, but not an xml abstraction:
a) Controll layer for GUI and …
b) BObject layer for my application