Can Tamino support this framework?

Hi All,
We are in the process of designing a Java Publication framework, and we are
evaluating if Tamino can support our needs.

This is how we are looking to architect the website:
- Map the website into multiple pages
- Each page has a XML file associated with it, and its corresponding XSL
- A XML file can be composed of both text (for content) and other "complex"
tags( I would refer to this as a gadget, which embeds a functinonality in
- A gadget inturn has a XML and XSL associate with it, and can have both
static data and other gadgets.
(Thus a page is composed of a recursive set of gadgets or tags which have
their own XML/XSL)

An example of a page:

Lets assume that a Web page(MainPage) has a left sidebar, top bar, main
navigation and right side bar.The right sidebar inturn has a search box,
related links section, and personalized data.

The XML for “MainPage” as follows:

The XML for “leftsidebar” as follows:

The XML for “search” as follows:

So what we want to do here is have the jsp call the main XML page, which
will call the xsp for the gadget, and this will happen in a recursive manner
till all gadgets are resolved, and the final page is displayed with content.
- Can Tamino support such functionality.
- Can Tamino store the information of where the XSL for each XML is stored? or would we use something like RDF for that?
- Breaking the site into managable gadgets can help us in using them as
plug-and-play objects and using them in different areas.
- Additionally we can provide admin, features for content generators to
change the content of the individual areas only.
- Workflow can become easier.

Please advice,
Thanks in advance