My software is:
Windows 2000 Professional
Apache Web Server 1.3.22 + module SSL
Internet Explorer 6.0 PL
Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0

My data is stored in TAMINO. I make, in dynamic way, XSL file using JavaScript language and library TaminoLib.js and it works very good. The result is displaying in the browser IE by transformNode function of MSXML parser. :slight_smile:

Now I want to display my data on emulator NOKIA toolkit 3. I’ve been searching about this case in documentation of TAMINO, but I found nothing useful of it, :frowning: so I decided that is good time to ask for help on public TAMINO forum.

Does anyone have some sample to convert XML data from TAMINO database, and XSL stylesheet into WML file USING JAVASCRIPT/WMLSCRIPT (NOT ASP LANGUAGE!), in order to display this as a pretty table in NOKIA emulator toolkit? :eek:

Thanks a lot for help.

Best Regards from POLAND
Dariusz Baumann

Any examples will be appreciated! Thanks.