inoload question

Hi According to the “inoload -help” you can either specify the database name or the server but not both. I do have a problem with it. If you have 2 databases on your server, db1 and db2 both using the same Schema/Collection/DocType, how does this command know which database to update? From what I have seen you cannot use -database and -server on the same inoload command. Using Tamino 4.2.1 on W2K with IIS. Thanks Naas

Hi, there might be a misunderstanding. Server in this case means machine, so if you have db1 and db2 on the same machine (say Mycomputer), and db1 uses the XML port 1234, and db2 uses the XML port 2345, the following calls to inoload are equivalent: inoload -database db1 … inoload -server Mycomputer:1234… and also the following ones: inoload -database db2 … inoload -server Mycomputer:2345 … Regards Harald

Well now that makes sense :slight_smile: Thank you