tamino data loader


This is the problem I am facing when I use the dataloader from windows. We have Version for the server.

The port number is correct, but I am not sure what the Tamino error message means…

C:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamino\Tamino\X-Tools\Tamino Data Loader>
inoxmld Server=http://www.lucid.cp.col.com/tamino:3213 User=sag Collection=med/Med Input=D:\ftpwrite\443.xml Log=D:\log.txt

Port number required
Usage: inoxmld
where params are the following :

Also, when using the Dataloader from the System Management Hub, someitimes it gives Internal Server Error, or else it goes to the COmpleted page without processing, and the data is not uploaded.

Anybody knows what the problems are, and can suggest solutions.


hello abhishek,

specify the server:port without the “/tamino”:

inoxmld Server=http://www.lucid.cp.col.com:3213 …

andreas f.

Hello Abishek,

the server parameter of inoxmld just takes hostname and port (no protocol), i.e.

inoxmld server:3213=www.lucid.cp.col.com

All the best,

then where do you put the name of the database? the only other parameter is the coleection name.

You either specify the server or the database not both.