Initiating Workflow By Subscribing to a Published Broker Document

Simple Scenario:

  1. Read in XML File
  2. Publish to Broker
  3. Initiate simple Workflow by subscribing to document

Steps 1 & 2 work. Step 3 is the problem.

First node in the workflow is a broker component that is subscribing to the published broker document. I am configuring the output(subscriber) tab to reference the same document type I am publishing in step 2. I then wire the output data to a workflow document that is constructed identically to the document to which I am subscribing.

Next step, a task in which a user is to click a button (no logic). Then exit workflow.

Background - wm6.0.1 running on XP

FYI - I know the document is making it to the broker, because I also have a trigger on the integation server subscribing to the broker document - it works correctly.

Thanks for you thoughts.

Are you using the implentation module for subscribing the broker document that talks with broker from workflow?


Thanks for the response.

You are on target - I did not include the subscription doc in the implementation module.

Things are working now!

Sorry,if my suggestion doesn’t helped.

Working with WF6.1 here. We’re initiating an IntMod fine from a published document to the Broker, BUT it seems to be ‘single-threading’ - only one WF process happens even though multiple docs are published.
Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas?


So I imported the document in the Implementation model and added it as a Data filed of Type (my subscribed doc wm:is:docrderRequest)
I then put a broker control node in a workflow in this model that passes a mapped copy of this document to a task.

I have generated the workflow and I would have thought that I would see a new client subscription for this in the Broker but I don’t?
Is that normal?

Okay, Found it in the documentation, sorry.
Workflow UsersGuide p.203.

I’m all set…