Trying to do a simple pubsub example in 601 Sub doesnbt seem to work

trying to do a simple pub/sub example in 6.0.1. Sub doesn’t seem to work

  1. Both the Broker and IS are running

  2. The Broker is configured in the IS administrator

  3. My output document is publishable to the Broker. A synced-up Broker document exists

  4. My test service does a pub.publish:publish of the document

  5. Using the Enterprise Monitor from 5.0 I can see that the document is published, but there is no receiver

  6. I have a target service that has the publishable document as the only input parameter

It would seem that I’m missing something between steps 5 & 6 or something in step 6 is not configured right. Any suggestions? I’ve been over the pdf documents about a dozen times already.


Check 2 things:

  1. Do you have a trigger to pick up the document with and does it invoke the correct flow service.

  2. Did you use the fully qualified ns name for the document in the input signature, i.e., yourfolder.yourfolder:documentName? If not, it will not work.



Are your publisher and subscriber on same IS or different IS?

If different IS how have you defined your subscribing document?

Also, as Ray suggests the subcribing service should have the full path of the document it is subscribing to.


Maybe this link would help you



Thanks everyone! It was the trigger I was missing!