Initial setup and installation of IS and Developer

I am a first time user of WebMethods. I have the evaluation version 4.6 and have installed the Integration Server and Developer. This is on a Win 2000 system and using JRE 1.3.0. The installation appears to have been successful as no error log was generated. The Integration Server verified successful initialization after the script execution but when I attempt to click the button at the bottom of the Quick Start page IE generates the dreaded “Page Can Not Be Displayed”.

In reading the installation and administration manuals it appears there is supposed to be a server.cnf file located in the installation directory, “C:\Program Files\webMethods\IntegrationServer4\config”. I have searched my entire hard drive for this file and it does not exist. I figured this would be a good place to start trouble shooting the issue as this is the file which provides the initialization parameters to the Integration Server.

I guess this is almost a two part question, has anyone encountered this behavior with IS? And where is the server.cnf file?

Any suggestions, if anyone sees something which I might have misinterpreted please speak up.

Steve Giuliano

The server.cnf file is normally under the
webmethods root/IntegrationServer4/config directory. You can see that in windows 2000 as file type “speed dial”. Please look under this directory. Open that file via notepad and u can see the contents.

Thanks for your response I have attempted to open this file the mouse pointer merely flips for a second then nothing happens. I do not have the ability to select what program I want to open the file with. This was the file I located and attempted to open prior to posting this cry for help.


I have the same problem as you have.
I could open server.cnf file with text editor, but I couldn’t see anything wrong.
Did you solve the problem?
Let me know please.