How to configure web server after install? (or how to recove

I downloaded the XML Starter Kit
I intended to follow the instructions regarding the web server, and attempted to.
I downloaded iPlanet Web Server 6 and installed/started it.
However, I also have an Oracle (9.0) “apache” server installed with the typical oracle install.
The Oracle web server was not running, while the iPlanet web server was running, during my Tamino install.

The install failed saying the web server was not running.
Most of my system seems to work (I am just learning, and just created my first database).

Can someone help me configure either my iPlanet Web Server or Oracle Web Server?

The download of XML Starter Kit did not have (or I couldn’t find) the install.txt which describes web server config.

Thanks in advance.


I found the instructions on configuring the web server.
I reviewed the obj.conf from iws6 and it had the proper entries in it.
The modnets.dll was also in by iWS6\bin\https directory

However, my web server was not starting.
I believe the problem is with the obj.conf entries
"init fn=“load=modules” shlib=“c:/iPlanet/iWS6/bin/https/modnes.dll” funcs=“ino-init, ino-handler”
"Init fn="ino-init"

When I comment these out, my web server starts.
I would have thought plugins to iws4-1 would work under iws6, but perhaps not.