Import an IS Package 8.2 to 10.3


When I import a package which is developed under version wM 8.2 in inbound of my IS instance in 10.3, the package is imported and activated, but when I check it from designer, the package is empty, I have only the name of the package and no folders no files!!
Do you have any idea about this issue please?


The package was developed under version 6 of wm


is there any error in the server.log when this packages is loaded, i.e. during startup of IS?

Is this package dependent on another package which is not existing on the new IS?
You can check the manifest.v3 in the root of the package for informations on package dependency.
This might be due to deprecation of certain packages over time.

How was the package deployed, by Publish/Install inbound or by Deployer?

Please note that the migration from wM 8.2 to wM 10.3 is quite huge jump, which should been handled by intermediate migrations to wM 9.5 and wM 9.12 as there is no direct migration path for migrating from wM 8.2 to wM 10.3.

Are the files in the package readable by the user running the IS?

Additionally please note that IS has a different directory structure since wM 9.6, the real IS is no longer under IntegrationServer/ itself, but under IntegrationServer/instances/default/ instead.



I copied the package into directory :


my package were developed in version 8.2, the manifest is :

yes 8.2 Constants 01 2012-03-12 11:16:48 GMT+01:00 1.6.0 Deploy_ no Default yes

I installed it from the managment IHM of the IS.
but always same problem, an empty package :frowning:

In server log I got this :

[76731]2019-03-01 16:07:31 CET [ISS.0028.0005I] Loading FrmkConstants package

but no Startup service

Hi Holger,

and it was developed under version 8.2 but I cant install it on 9 or 10, im ussing the inbound folder to install, and I have an empty package in my designer.
can you please take a look?

thanks and regardsjavascript:removeAttach(0)

I am taking over this, pls don’t mind!

I was able to fix your package, the only problem I found it that the all the folders (ns, code etc.,) should be zipped as and do not create a folder FrmkConstants

See the screenshot after installing the package.

Let me know if you need a copy and feel free to email me.

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Hello Mahesh,

Thank you very much for your help.
Yes, now I can import the package :slight_smile: :slight_smile: