Implementing PIP 3C3

Hi ,

Even i am trying to do PIP 3C3 .I already have PIP3C3 invoice notification zip file.
I did importing stuff and all …

when i come to developer portion…i need to map documents (i.e pipeline input ) to rosettanet PIP in pipeline input i have taken my own XML which contains some of the fields which i required to map to rosettanet PIP doc which is in pipeline out.

so could you please suggest me the way…how to proceed.

Thank You,


Once you have the Output Pip document ready, you need it to send it to trading partner by using rosettanet out of box service “pub.estd.rosettaNet.send’ service.
In input signature you will find a pipeline object named 'documents” map your output document to this object.

Hope you already have proper TPA’s in place for this PIP to be sent.



It’s a old thread,probably it could have resolved it by now…Anyways thanks for sharing the info,it will help other users incase.