where to download RosettaNet Implementation Guide

Hi, all,
where to download RosettaNet Implementation Guide ? I login www.rosettanet.org and then redirect to the webpage ‘pips directory’ , I download ‘3C3_NotifyofInvoice_V01_01_00.zip’,and extract it, I see
‘3C3_V01_01_00_ReleaseNotes.doc’ and ‘3C3_Spec_V01_01_00.doc’, but not see ‘RIG 3C3 V01.01.00.doc’ or ‘RIG 3C3_Mapping Guide V01.01.00.xls’, do you know where to download them ?Thank you.

Are you using the webMethods RosettaNet Module? If so, you should find the documentation in the \pub folder of the IS package and also be able to obtain the docs from webMethods Advantage in the Bookshelf->eStandards Documentation->webMethods RosettaNet Module section.


I am trying to download RNIF guides for version 1.1 or 2.0 but rosettanet.org it gives error.
Can someone tell wheter it requires licence to download RN Implementaion freamwork?


Hi ,

                   Even i am trying to do PIP 3C3 .I already have PIP3C3 invoice notification zip file.

I did importing stuff and all …

when i come to developer portion…i need to map documents (i.e pipeline input ) to rosettanet PIP doc.so in pipeline input i have taken my own XML which contains some of the fields which i required to map to rosettanet PIP doc which is in pipeline out.

so could you please suggest me the way…how to proceed.