unexpected prefix located before the Rosettanet pip document type


I import PIP3C3_R11.05.00F_NotifyOfInvoice.zip by Modular PIP Import function of RosettaNet Module successfully, but I find the document type in the package WmRNPips is a little strange.Some tags have an unexpected prefix , such as tns110, tns70, tns74,tns114 and so on.In fact , I don’t find the prefix in the xsd for the Pips which is imported by Rosettanet Adapter.How do these prefixes come out ?What’s its impact when mapping and validation ?Accoring to the 3C3 sample in the zip file, it seems the prefixes such as tns110, tns70, tns74,tns114 and so on are not correct, but there are many properties about name space should be defined in the document type. How to define it to the document type ?


We had same tns struture for 3B3 and managed by adding name space declaration in TPA of 3B3

Please find attached document for the same… (PIPInfo–>NSDecls)

Thanks a lot.

Yes, after adding the name space to NSDecls, pips can be sent successfully now. However, our partner get the pip with unexpected prefix such as tns 110, tns114, tns103 and so on.Any way can remove the unexpected prefix ?Thanks.

Hi Cran,

                   Even i am trying to do PIP 3C3 .I already have PIP3C3 invoice notification zip file.

I did importing stuff and all …

when i come to developer portion…i need to map documents (i.e pipeline input ) to rosettanet PIP doc.so in pipeline input i have taken my own XML which contains some of the fields which i required to map to rosettanet PIP doc which is in pipeline out.

so could you please suggest me the way…how to proceed.