Illegal characters in SOAP request


I’m trying to call a C# web service from webMethods and i’m getting the following error:
xmlns:xsd=“[url=“XML Schema”][/url]”><br><br> <soap:body><br><br>
<soap:fault><br><br> <faultcode>soap:Client</faultcode><br><br>
<faultstring>Server was unable to read request. –> There is an error in
XML document (11, 4). –> ‘’, hexadecimal value 0x1D, is an invalid
character. Line 11, position 16.</faultstring><br><br>
<detail/><br><br> </soap:fault><br><br>

one of the delimiter in the EDI is ‘’.i know that the error is with the delimiter.can someone tell me how i can rectify this?


Hi Ramesh, did you manage to fix this problem? I’m experiencing same.


Are you facing the problem in EDI file?? Please elaborate your issue,someone can assist you on this.


I have the same type of error. An IDoc comes into webMethods. I convert it to xml and forward it to a vendor.

The xml contains this hexadecimal character. Because of this character, the vendor is unable to read the xml file.

I did a replace transformation to the xml string before sending the file, but it appears that there are many of these characters. (They show up as a square on the xml in Developer.)

These characters show up because the users cut and paste Word documents into SAP.

Any ideas how to filter out these illegal characters?