If Integration Server supports disable / allow refresh button with browsers


I am new to Integration Server(IS).
I am using:
$ head -n 1 server.log
2012-03-05 05:10:54 GMT [ISS.0025.0001C] Integration Server Build 124

I would like to know the following:

In IS whether a solution is available to allow or disable refresh (example F5 or refresh button or using mouse refresh) with browsers.

If that is possible how to do that, on accessing the following URL:
[url]http://ipaddr:3081/[/url] => Administrator/password

If that is not possible I would like to know the document related to that.

Thanks and Regards,

No it is not possible to disable refresh nor the “back” button.

Typically when people ask to do this it is because they are trying to prevent the same form/data from being processed twice. There are design techniques that be used to prevent this sort of behavior (e.g. there is a “post-redirect-get” approach that prevents a repost of form data when the back button is used).

What is it that you are trying to do?

What are you trying to do:? Are you trying to not refresh IS page for example (when you go to logs/service Usage) the page gets refreshed automatically and you want to disable this feature? --No it’s not possible:


No it is not possible to disable refresh nor the “back” button.
Thanks for this statement.
As mentioned in the original help.
I need the document related to this statement.

I need this to be documented for learning(like:where to look into).

I know you asked for documentation. It doesn’t exist.

Use the search engine of your choice to search for available blogs, articles, etc. on the topic of disabling browser features.

Thanks to all the responses.

I will take www.wmusers.com to be used for my documentation.

Thanks for giving this as I am not able to find that using search (including google.com and experts-exchange).

Now I would like to know which of the following to be followed (with priority based):

  1. using cookie
  2. using embedded field
  3. Using PRG (Post/Redirect/Get) [URL]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post/Redirect/Get[/URL]
  4. Adding refresh button in the current page which gets the current page again without re-doing the current action and asking the user not to use Refresh button or F5.

It’s hard to make a recommendation without knowing what you’re trying to achieve.

I can say with certainty, however, that #4 is a non-solution. It does not prevent someone from using the refresh button. Pages that say “please don’t refresh or hit the back button” are a bad approach.

ok. Thanks.

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