webMethods Insight Server Can't Logout

We have webMethods Insight Server installed on out customer (production),
webMethods Insight Server have web applications, have login authentication to access that web apps, but unfortunately I can’t see button logout :frowning:

Anyone knows how to adding button logout and logout process on webapps Insight Server ?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Hi @ikrom.rohim,
On the Insight Server screen do you have a button/dropdown with your username in the top right corner? When you click a user menu should show with a Log out button.

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Thanks for your answer @toni.petrov


user menu not clickable sir,
what wrong with my Insight Server :frowning:

Are the other buttons clickable? Do you have any other issues with the Insight Server or it’s just that?

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Yes, the other buttons is clickable, nothing other issue with Insight Server, just that can’t logout.

Hi @toni.petrov
which version you use ? which can show logout button when click on user menu, and please share me the screen shoot of Insight Server with logout button.


I’m not using it currently, but by Insight 12, you mean Insight 2015 SP1 HF12, do you?

Can you try to close the browser and restart? If that doesn’t work, clear the cookies/cache or delete the session.

I mean Insight 2022 R1.
Yes, I was try close browser then open again, open in Incognito window and try to delete all cookies/cache but still same.

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Hi Toni. I want to add that the Insight 2022 R1 referred to by Ikrom is the Insight Server version

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I see now, thanks!

@ikrom.rohim, you would need to use a different browser or an incognito window to log in as a different user for now, although this is not ideal. You did mention incognito didn’t work for you which is strange. Did you close all incognito windows?

I was trying to open an incognito windows or use different browser or clear cache and etc but result is same, not showing button logout

Hi Ikrom,

Yes, it’s not expected to see a logout button, but you should get automatically logged out.

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