IE10 and IE11: The annoying X in FIELD controls

Dear All,

do you also have trouble with the annoying X in FIELD controls when running in IE10 or IE11?
The most annoying thing is: When using drop-down boxes (valuehelp, combo) then the X is hiding the drop-down icon. When clicking the drop-down instead of showing the drop-down box, the content of the field is cleared.

In NJX835 (= next version in 2015) the X will not be shown anymore in FIELD controls.
In NJX834 there is no way to get rid of the X because the Quirks mode of IE10 and IE11 does not support to hide it. NJX835 is the first version, which is running in the Standard mode of browsers and this will solve the problem.

Until then you can at least avoid that the X and the drop-down icon are overlapping. Do the following:
In the cisconfig.xml set

This will render the drop-down icon outside of the html input control. (see attachements)

Hope this help until NJX835 is released.

Best Regards,