valuehelp fields

Hi there,

I habe a Problem with a field-valuehelp und some dropdowns below it.

The valuehelp is not shown in front of the screen. The drowdowns below overlay it and so the valuehelp-content isn’t readable well.

Does anyone have an advice for this Problem?


Unfortunately, I haven’t any advice - just the same problem…

Sometimes usage of html combo box causes your problem.Try to set “render as field” option to true.

Thanks a lot!
Now it works.

…Serhat is right. The layering behaviour of Combo*-Controls is poor (they always shine through). Avoid usage of Combo*-Controls (or use RENDERASFIELD option) within screens where you provide for a field valuehelp or drop down menu (MENU control).

And by the way: the FIELD’s valuehelp is loaded on request (click). In respect to performance this is much better than having the options within the net data stream on page load.

Well, I found it meanwhile in the manual - but in the chapter about combodyn. I think a notice also in the chapter about fields would be helpful.


thanks. That works fine. But I can’t find “renderasfield” in a Combofix. That would be also nice to have.

…not possible with COMBOFIX.

BTW: the problem with the “shining through” combo boxes is an annoying and inherent Itnernet Explorer problem. It does not appear with Mozilla. Combos are somehow rendered as own window object internally, and do not react on any z-indices - they alway are on the top.