iDoc to cXML

Hi All,

I need to convert iDoc data format being sent by one of my clients to cXML. Can anyone please help me out with this?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Sure. What do you need to know?

Actually, my client is using iDoc format to send data to our systems. Our backend systems can not process anything except cXML and OCI. So i need to convert it to cXML format and then pass on to backend system. But i am unable to figure out a way to convery iDoc to cXML. :frowning:

What documentation have you reviewed? If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll want to review the SAP adapter docs and the Ariba Supplier OnRamp. You can download the documentation from Advantage for both if you don’t have it.

You’ll need someone that understands the data well enough to be able to create a format mapping specification for you.

Thanks for the guidance reamon… Will try going through the documentation and get back in case i get stuck with something… :wink:

Good answer. :slight_smile:

Apart from the above suggestion…

If you dont want to use AribaOnRamp adapter functionality and just want to map directly to cXML structure then you can download cXML (DTD’s) from Ariba site and then create the cXML IS DocumentType using the downloaded dtd for your mapping start…Ofcourse some functional spec (data mapping doc) is required before you can map IDOC to cXML tags.


Apart from trying out what reamon suggested, I tried doing it your way also. I generated the cXML document structure. But the problem is that there are too many tags in both (cXML and iDoc) also the tags are different. :frowning:

That’s right. IDoc documents and cXML docouments are quite different and their definitions are huge. You’re going to need someone (perhaps it will be you) that understands the structures that each type provides (IDoc will be a challenge since all the tags are German abbreviations) and can specify a mapping between them. The mapping spec will be non-trivial but it is crucial to a successful mapping implementation.

One bit of advice: create a top level service that maps IDoc to cXML for the given partner and have it be all that it does. Input is the IDoc and the output is the cXML. Avoiding intertwining the mapping with transport. This makes it much easier to develop and test the mapping.

Yes right track…now the question goes to your functional team or someone who can actually give you the data mapping spec (field by field/rules for idoc to cxml)…based on the segment/fields that your backend system expects.Can you take help from them regarding mapping part??