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Hi All,

Hope you guys are all well.

I would really appreciate some god like help from someone.

Currently using SAP Business Connector 4.8 (don’t laugh) and need to understand the process of importing a Cxml order file from ftp to SAP BC then onto SAP. SAP then needs to send back a confirmation and, I guess, an invoice to the customer via GHX.

I don’t want anyone to tell me how to do it as that is unfair and I need to learn fro myself but could someone tell me the steps to look at using the correct terminology??

Has SAP got in built documents you map the Cxml order to. How do I know what they are? Do I import the Cxml into SAP BC or do I need to do something to the Cxml before it hits the SAP Business Connector server.

If mapping is needed to some sort of order templates when going into SAP, how do I know which CXML tags to use or not use ?

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

I guess you can start with reading the SAP BC Adapter Guide. (you can find it under /packages/SAP/doc)
SAP takes/generates IDoc, you’d better dig into it and find how to map your cXML into IDoc (it’s not a simple task).

Thank you for replying Tong. Extremely kind of you.

I am trying to dig, honest :slight_smile:

I trust SAP has many IDOC templates stored and these are what are used for when we talk about mapping? Is DTD / SCHEMAS referring to the IDOC docs. How do I find out (transaction code) what templates there are? Is there one for ordrs and one for say invoices or is there many of many type?

I lhave been left in the deep end with looking after EDI / SAP BC as my colleague has left. I have tried the docoumentation but I have lots of queries / whys.

I just need a brief step of what to do then I can go research.

Sorry for the long e-mail Tong. Hope all else is well state side my friend.

Yes please start with BC documentation and also there are wmusers.com threads you the search functionality in each of the Flow and java services and EDI section for SAP BC.

Also SAP Basis team might help you getting IDOCs/schemas from the SAP enterprise portal and in the old days we used to download IDOC schemas/DTS’s from sap site ifr.sap.com (not longer exist now)



Thank you again for responding.

Let me get this clear, when I import the Cxml file from ftp and put it in a folder location on BC, I then have to map that Cxml file to an ‘order’ IDOC? Is there more than one? Which one do I know how to use? How do I list them or see the ones I have?

Sorry for the continued questions :frowning:

Yes cXML OrderRequest–ORDERS05 IDOC mapping before sending the Order to SAP.

Even there are more orders you would still processing order by order to SAP.