IDL Extractor does not like Circular/Recursive Data Definitions in WSDL

I am trying to invoke a simple rule set on an Oracle Determination Server. I have loaded the rule set into a Linux server running Tomcat and successfully invoked the rule set from my PC using example C# code provided by Oracle.

I would like to invoke the rules from Natural using EntireX. I tried using the IDL Extractor for WSDL and got "Unexpected Exception Error: At least one circular/recursive data definition is found: and it points to two attributes that are, in fact, found in recursive data definitions in the WSDL. My understanding is that recursive attribute definitions are allowed in WSDLs.

The attributes are not directly associated with the variable data to be sent or expected to be received from the rules engine. They don’t show directly in the C# application.

The WSDL is generated through a compile process using Oracle Policy Modeling.

I am using EntireX Software AG Designer 9.9.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Karjala

Karjala Koponen

Hello Karjala,
neither IDL nor Natural have recursive data types. So the extraction from the WSDL/Schema fails.

If the structure with the recursive data types is not used in the call create a copy of the WSDL file, remove these definitions and extract again from the copy.

Thanks! I will give that a try.