I have an XML string as output and would like to translate i

Can any one help me?

I have a valid XML string that is the output of my WM6.0 integration. My user now wants to produce an XML file on the server that can be mailed to our customer. They want it in the same format as they see it on there web page. I have the XML and the XSL to produce the output from a browser. Now I would like to do it from the server and e-mail it to the specified list of customers as an attachment.

Anyone do anything close to this?

Will the CSV format server your purpose? I did the following:

Call pub.report:runStringTemplateOnPipe with the input template something like this:

%loop xmlDoc%
%value item1%,%value item2%,%value item3%

Then call the smtp service, with $txt mapped to attachments/content, and filename set to filename.csv

Hope that helps.