xml conversion to html


I am novice to xslt and was looking for some good solution to a problem. I have an xml file that is generated dynamically and randomly. User can select what columns of the xml should be outputed.


column 1 column 2 column 3

There can also be some other XML file with 5 coulmns and with different column names. Depending on the columns selected by the user, I want to pass the columns as parameters and process the xml file so that only coulmns user needs is displayed.

It would be really great if you guys can provide me some ideas about how a generic solution can be developed.


You could use the document function to reference the 2nd input.
Say your 2nd input is like:

Reference it with: “document(‘otherinput.xml’)” where otherinput.xml is the filename of the 2nd input.

So if you’re at a cell and what to know whether to output it, you could have <xsl:if test=“document(‘otherinput.xml’)//*[name()=name(current())]”>

do you have more details about how you’re mapping the data?