two XML files and one XSLT file

Hi, I am a new user and I don’t know very well XSLT.
I must apply a XSLT file on two XML file contemporanealy.
For example I have a XSLT file. It must apply on answer.xml and must take information from database.xml.
How can I do it?

Check out the xslt document() function.


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Michael Hare

with document() is possible open a connection with a resource of exist-db?


as far as I see there are two variants of a common approach.
Assume that D1 (e.g. answer.xml) and D2 (e.g. database.xml) are the documents
to be transformed.
Both variants are based on the idea to transform one of the documents, say D2,
into a stylesheet S(D2) using stylesheet S1.
Then transform D1 using
- either S(D2)
- using another stylesheet, say S2, which itself includes (i.e. xsl:include) S(D2)

The final result obviously depends on D1 and D2.

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Thanks! it is a very good idea!