HTTP Ack processing delay


I have received 347 Rosettanet documents(external) from Partner to TN and Acks response sent to Partner Https url. Partner able to receive responses for 340 docs in 3 mins http session but therest were failed due to session timeout.

From my end i can see those rest of 7 were processed after 3 minutes only.(they are in waiting status during 3 mins). But i didnt found any errors in my IS related to this and all transactions are success.

Is this happened due to Asyncronus setup only? or any other reasons?

Please help me in this.


Please check the http time out that has been set from the customer’s link to your TN. If the customer holds the session for 3minutes with your server he would receive all the responses within the window of 3 min, post which the system/network will drop this link. This can be an issue from the customer side. Additionally check your server’s extended settings and have a look what are your watt settings for http requestes and keepalive etc.