How we can hide a package from a user using ACL?

I have created one group ,one user and one ACL but not able to implement it .

Hi Nasar,

please have a look at the IS Administrators Guide, Chapter 17 (Controlling Access to Resources with ACLs) as well as the Service Development Help, Chapter 4 (Assigning and Managing Permissions for Elements).

If this does not answer your question, please provide more details like wM version and concrete difficulties you are experiencing.


I’ve seen similar requirement achieved by implementing a startup service and assigning the ACL on the fly. If the user is not belonging to that ACL, it will be hidden from him.

You’ve to use these WmRoot package internal service to try to set the ACL to read, write, execute and list ACL.

However bear in mind that this depends on the internal service and in the future it might prone to change and deprecation from software ag.

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Yes, ACL’s are a pain and I often use a startup service along with calls to wm.server.access:aclAssign in order to correctly secure my public services.

Don’t worry we won’t ever remove this service, so please use it. However, we definitely want to improve this and will be looking at how we can make access control for services easier and more powerful.
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