How to use WADL in WebMethod Developer


I am using WebMethods 7.1.2 version. I need to take a WADL reques and do the the business operations and response back as a WADL Response.
Any one has the idea on how to implement Restful WebService (WADL) Connector in WebMethods?.

NOTE: THE WADL Provider request is coming from JAVA. Need to generate Consumer Service for this WADL in WebMethods.

Does WebMethods 7.X supports WADL? If not which version of WebMethods supports? Are there any different appraoches to achieve this?

Anil Kumar ellendula

Since WADL is fairly new, and not an RFC nor standard at this point, there is precious little that supports WADL.

You’ll likely need to inspect the WADL yourself and create the needed components by hand.

You may find the following link interest: